Sunday, December 20, 2015

Photo of the Week: Sledding in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania

(By Candice Buchanan, Greene Connections Archivist)

Sledding in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania
PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Timeless winter memories! These children were captured in a rare candid, sledding and launching snow balls on Town Hill just north of Carmichaels, Greene County, Pennsylvania. There is so much to love about this photo! Not set in a stuffy studio, we get to see live action fun being had. My favorite is the boy in right-background who has just been targeted by a snowball still visible on his cap!

By zooming-in on this image (click on the photo to open in Flickr, then click again to zoom-in), you can also obtain a fine view of Carmichaels! To the far left are two church steeples. Left to right these are, the New Providence Church located on George Street and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church (now known as the Greene Valley Presbyterian Church) on Greene Street. The latter building was destroyed 3 July 1902 and a new one took its place. Based on these buildings and others that do or do not appear in the photo, local genealogist and historian Shelley McMinn Anderson helped us to date this image between 1895-1901.

Only a reproduction of the photograph is archived at the Greene County Historical Society in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, from where the photo was researched and digitized for the Greene Connections: Greene County, Pennsylvania Archives Project along with hundreds of other pictures in the huge GCHS Collection between 2005-2015.

Interestingly, the notes that accompanied this picture in the GCHS archive box incorrectly identified the scene as having taken place on West Street in Waynesburg. Fortunately, one of the benefits to sharing photos through projects such as Greene Connections, is the opportunity to engage the community in the research effort. This image caption was promptly corrected by local researcher Thad Swestyn and then expanded by Shelley McMinn Anderson. The improved information was updated in our database and shared to the archive at GCHS. This is one way we can work together to share, improve, and grow our history!

This splendid snapshot will be included in the upcoming book Images of America: Around Cumberland Township and Carmichaels authored by Shelley McMinn Anderson, to be published in 2016. This will be an exciting addition to our local history library! Shelley is asking the public to please share your photos for this book! Now is the time to dig into your family archives for any great images you have for the area. Places, events, people, are all of interest. Contact Shelley at 724-319-2060 or She would love to hear from you! If you want to know what these books will look like, check out the two sister books for neighboring Greene County communities: Images of America: Around Greensboro and Images of America: Waynesburg. is a free local history archival project. Sponsored by LOLA Energy.

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