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Photo of the Week: Masons, Civil War Soldiers & So Many Treasures in One Family Collection

John N. Crago wearing Masonic sash [1]
(By Candice Buchanan, Greene Connections Archivist)

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Our focus this time, is not just about one photo, but the affect of the collection as a whole. This wonderful assembly of family photos deserves to be scrolled through page by page. Masons, Civil War soldiers, teachers, swimsuits, social parties, and other unique scenes are found among the lovely family portraits for several historic local lines (Crago, Greenlee, Hoge, Rinehart, Scott, Spencer, Waddell, White, Woods, and many more), all well preserved and largely identified.

The collection was shared by Margaret Leah "Margie" (Waddell) Baker over a number of delightful scanning visits. It includes several series, each with their own provenance to explain exactly how that set of pictures was passed down through the family to the point of Margie's ownership. A minor sampling of the pictures included are featured here, but we encourage you to devote a little time to visiting the series links that follow and reminisce with the faces of Greene County's past!

Links to Margie's Collection and Series are:
James Hoge and his wife, Margaret (Kent) Hoge [2]

Margaret Leah (Waddell) Baker Collection
Margie's collection has aided in the identification of images across other collections, as well as enabled fascinating cross-references and links to other collections that have been shared such as:
  1. James A. Boyer Collection, which connects to the Woods side of the tree. 
  2. Abigail (Woods) Hoge Series of the Cornerstone Genealogical Society Collection, which connects to both Hoge and Woods branches.
  3. Among Margie's photos and ancestors are also numerous Waynesburg College alumni, whose images may be compared to their class photos and other pictures in the Waynesburg University Museum Collection
  4. Her grandfather Thomas Spencer Crago (Class of 1892), a noted soldier and politician, also has a particular spread of photos that can be viewed in the People Series of the Greene County Historical Society Collection. Here is a quick link to his first photo in that series, scroll right to continue viewing the additional images.
  5. Any name in Margie's collection may also be typed into the search box on the Photo Archives page to look for additional images in other collections. It is often the case, that we find photos of one particular ancestor in more than one family or repository holding.

Circa 1905. Costume party at the home of Jany Phelan Hogue and Mary Frances (Hogue) Fogg in Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania. The Hogue girls were daughters of Asa Brownfield Hogue and his wife, Mary Phelan.The portrait on the back wall is of the girls' maternal grandmother, Jane (Walker) Phelan [1809-1876].

Pictured [Left-Right]: BACK ROW (STANDING) - Mary Frances (Hogue) Fogg, Jane M. (Ross) Reed, Laura (Patton) Lippencott, Bess (Andrew) Darby, Stella (Hooper) Ullom, Sara Graham (Iams) Hook, Ina Myrtle (Delaney) Connor, Sue J. "Sudie" (Dinsmore) Greschke, Margaret Helen (Beard) (Walton) Brown, Mary Boner Buchanan (Walton) Martin, Nella Sophia (Hoskinson) Baily;MIDDLE ROW - Unidentified, Minnie (Grossman) Perlman, Estella Wallace (Huggins) Schaum, Emma Rinehart (Hill) Morgan, Yockem Wyte [boy the girls dressed up, his mother worked for the Hogue family];FRONT ROW - Florence Elenor (Anderson) Kiser, Mary Rinehart (Waddell) Montgomery, Esther [last name hard to read, may say Meade], Josephine Denny, Inez (Huffman) Parkinson, Anna Mary "Mamie" Cooke, Laura (McKahan) Long. [3] is a free local history archival project. Sponsored by LOLA Energy.

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