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Photo of the Week: An Early Woman Voter

(By Candice Buchanan, Greene Connections Archivist)

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Abigail (Woods) Hoge, pictured here with her grandchildren, was honored in the early years of the womens' right to vote with the following news feature.

 Abigail (Woods) Hoge with her grandchildren
[Left-Right]: FRONT - John Hughes Crago, Leah Abigail (Crago) Waddell, Unidentified girl
BACK - Unidentified boy, Ruth Constance (Crago) Ovenshine [seated on arm of chair], Unidentified boy, Unidentified girl
"Oldest Woman Voter in Waynesburg" article, Waynesburg Republican, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, 8 November 1928, page 1, column 2.

"Oldest Woman Voter in Waynesburg

Mrs. Abigail Hoge, Aged 93, Casts Her Ballot for Hoover and Curtis.

One of the oldest persons in Waynesburg and Greene county to cast a vote on Tuesday was Mrs. Abigail Woods Hoge, of North Morris street, who was 93 years of age August 9, 1928. Mrs. Hoge has voted at every primary and general election since primary and general election since women were granted the franchise. She is an ardent Republican and has always voted that ticket. When election day comes around she is not one of the “stay-at-homes.” but is eager to go to the polls and cast her ballot.

Mrs. Hoge is a daughter of Samuel and Leah Divers Woods, deceased, and was born in Waynesburg, August 9, 1835. Her mother was a native of Baltimore. She attended Waynesburg College and while she did not graduate she was a member of the class of 1853. Later she was united in marriage with George Hoge, of Center township, and they resided for a number of years near Oak Forest. There were the parents of ten children, five of whom are living. She was left a widow at the age of 52 years.

During her lifetime four wars have been waged. Two of her brothers, James and Samuel Woods, participated in the Civil war and during the World War, at the age of 83 years, she knitted 100 pairs of socks for the soldiers in France. Mrs. Hoge has remarkably good health. Her eyesight and hearing have failed somewhat, but she enjoys visiting with her family and friends. She has been a lifelong member of the Baptist church and attends the services regularly."

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[1] Item # BAKM_AN003_0003, Various Series, Margaret Leah (Waddell) Baker Collection, Greene County, Pennsylvania Archives Project (www.GreeneConnections.com).

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