Monday, May 30, 2016

The Holstein Queen Puts This Family Together


James & Martha (Van Wey) Call Family (1)
An exciting collection shared by researcher and author, Lynne Gough, features the Morris and Call families of Greene County, Pennsylvania. Connected by a double-marriage in the late 1800s, these two families share a rich photographic history dating back to the 1860s. Unique to this collection are detailed biographical captions, compiled by the contributor, and well worth reading as you scroll through. Lynne Gough acquired these images through the collective sharing of a number of relatives across the country, who participated in Lynne's diligent efforts to track down accurate and complete family information as part of a larger genealogy project. View the complete Morris-Call Series to see all of the photographs and be sure to look below each image for the full caption and source information.

Frank Leslie “Les” Morris Jr. with Champion Tilly Alcartra (2)
These pictures play a part in the fantastic book Lynne has just released to tell the story of her ancestors, titled Asa and the Holstein Queen. Visit to read all about it! The book follows the Morris family of Greene County, Pennsylvania, as they journey westward, and their true-to-life experiences with a champion Holstein cow! It is full of real facts, actual photos, and amazing illustrations. Geared toward a younger audience, it's an ideal way to help introduce the next generation to family history and open the door to conversations about the exciting and entertaining people and stories in your own tree. Congratulations to Lynne on her publication and thanks to all the relatives who joined her in sharing these amazing and well-researched photos with all of us! is a free local history archival project. Sponsored by LOLA Energy.

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