Greene County, Pennsylvania Cemeteries
Pennsylvania - Greene County - Aleppo Township

Behm Cemetery
Bosworth-Strope Cemetery
Centennial Cemetery
Dunkard Cemetery
Evans Cemetery
Hewitt Cemetery
Hinerman Cemetery
Kuhn Cemetery
McVay Cemetery (Official Site)
Miller Cemetery I
Miller Cemetery II
Mudlick Cemetery
Pletcher Cemetery
Quiet Dell Cemetery
Sammons Cemetery
Slonaker Cemetery
Sugar Grove Cemetery
Tedrow Cemetery
Tharp Cemetery
Windy Gap Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Center Township

Adams Cemetery
Adamson Cemetery
Bowler Cemetery
Claylick Cemetery
Crouse Cemetery
Fordyce Cemetery
Hoge Cemetery
Hopewell Cemetery
Johnson Cemetery
Orndoff Cemetery
Phillips-Graham Cemetery
Roberts Cemetery
Rogersville Cemetery
Roseberry Cemetery
Rosemont Cemetery
Rush Cemetery
Scott Cemetery
South Tenmile Cemetery
Stewart Cemetery
Thomas Cemetery I
Thomas Cemetery II
Thomas Cemetery III

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Cumberland Township

Anderson Cemetery
Armstrong Cemetery
Blaker Cemetery
Glades Cemetery
Greene Academy Cemetery
Gwynn Cemetery
Horner Cemetery
Hughes Cemetery
Inghram Cemetery
Laurel Point Cemetery
Moredock Cemetery
Neel Cemetery
Phillips Cemetery
Reeves Cemetery
Rich Cemetery
Seaton Cemetery
Shepherd Cemetery
Swan Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Dunkard Township

Bald Hill Cemetery
Bowen Cemetery
Brewer Cemetery
Burwell Cemetery
Cumpston Cemetery
Debolt Cemetery
Dunkard Cemetery
Everly Cemetery I
Everly Cemetery II
Everly Cemetery III
Fairview Cemetery
Furman Cemetery I
Furman Cemetery II
Furman Cemetery III
Garrison Cemetery
Highland Cemetery
Howard Cemetery
Huggins Cemetery
Johnson Cemetery
Keener Cemetery I
Keener Cemetery II
Lambert Cemetery
Linton Cemetery
Mason Ridge Cemetery
Milburn Cemetery
Morris Cemetery
Reppert Cemetery
Roberts Cemetery
Russell Cemetery
Setstill Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
Steele Cemetery
Steele/Debolt Cemetery
Sykes-Sycks Cemetery
Taylortown Baptist Cemetery
Thomas Cemetery
Wolf Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Franklin Township (+ Marion Township / Waynesburg)

Bell Cemetery
Clark Cemetery
Dulaney Cemetery
*East End Cemetery (a/k/a: Hookstown Cemetery or Methodist Church Cemetery)
Gordon Cemetery I
Gordon Cemetery II
Gordon Cemetery III
Green Mount Cemetery
Greene County Poor House Cemetery
Hawkins Cemetery
Hill's Schoolhouse Cemetery
Hook Cemetery
*Hookstown Cemetery (a/k/a: East End Cemetery or Methodist Church Cemetery)
Inghram Cemetery I
Inghram Cemetery II
Higgins Cemetery
Jacobs Cemetery
Jacobs Farm Cemetery
Lapping Cemetery
Mapel Cemetery
*Methodist Church Cemetery (a/k/a: East End Cemetery or Hookstown Cemetery)
Morris Cemetery
Morrisville Cemetery
Oakmont Cemetery
Orndoff Cemetery
Porter Cemetery

Rhodes Cemetery
Rinehart Cemetery I
Rinehart Cemetery II
Rinehart Cemetery III
Rinehart Cemetery IV
Saint Ann's Roman Catholic Church Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
Staggers Cemetery
Stewart Cemetery
Watters Cemetery
Whites Cemetery
Wood Cemetery
Zimmers Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Freeport Township

Grandview Cemetery
Hamilton Cemetery
Minor Cemetery
Morford Cemetery
New Freeport Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Gilmore Township

Brant Cemetery
Dye Cemetery
Eakin Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery
Fordyce Cemetery
Garrison Cemetery
Gilmore Cemetery
Headley Cemetery
Hennen Cemetery
Kennedy Cemetery
Lemmon Cemetery
Meighen Cemetery
Morris Cemetery
McFetters Cemetery
Negro Run Cemetery
Old Tabor Cemetery
Overturf-Hudgins Cemetery
Pine Bank Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Renner Cemetery
Roberts Cemetery
Strawn Cemetery
Taylor Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Greene Township

Fordyce Cemetery
Goshen Baptist Church Cemetery (a/k/a Garards Fort Cemetery)
Keener Cemetery
Lantz Cemetery
Quaker Cemetery
South Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Jackson Township

Bethany Cemetery
Cole Cemetery
Estel Cemetery
Henderson Cemetery
Higgins Cemetery
Huffman Cemetery
Kinney Cemetery
Kughn Cemetery
Jones Cemetery
Macedonia Cemetery
Mt. Zion Cemetery
Smith Cemetery I
Smith Cemetery II
Staggers Cemetery
Valley Chapel Cemetery
Williams Cemetery
Wood Cemetery
Woodruff Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Jefferson Township

Cline Cemetery
Cree Cemetery
Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery
Estel Cemetery
Hewitt Church Cemetery
Jefferson Baptist Cemetery
Jefferson Cemetery (New)
Jefferson Cemetery (Old)
Jefferson Presbyterian Cemetery
Leonard Cemetery
Love Cemetery
McClain Cemetery
Milliken Cemetery
Moredock Cemetery
Muddy Creek Cemetery
Roseberry Cemetery
Scott Cemetery
Vandruff Cemetery
Villers Cemetery
Waters Cemetery
Waychoff Cemetery
Vanmeter Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Monongahela Township

Alexander (or Evans) Cemetery
Donham Cemetery
Douglass Cemetery
Garrison Cemetery
Greene Cemetery
Greensboro Cemetery (old)
Greensboro M. E. Church Cemetery
Greensboro Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Hanna Cemetery
Maple Cemetery
Monongahela Hill Cemetery
Morgan-Cloud Cemetery
Mundell Cemetery
Saint George Serbian Orthodox Cemetery
South Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Morgan Township

Adamson Cemetery
Bottenfield Cemetery
Braden Cemetery
Burson Cemetery
Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery
Clark Cemetery
Clarksville Cemetery
Cox Cemetery
Greene County Memorial Park
Hawkins Cemetery
Heaton Cemetery
Huss Cemetery
McGinnis Cemetery
Mt. Zion Bapist Church Cemetery
Rose Cemetery
Smith Cemetery I
Smith Cemetery II
Stickle Cemetery
Teagarden Cemetery
Walton Cemetery
Weaver Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Morris Township

Bates Fork Cemetery (Old)
Beulah Cemetery
Brooks Cemetery
Green Grove Cemetery
Huffman Cemetery (Old)
Hunt Cemetery
Millikin Cemetery
Rickey Cemetery
West Union Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Perry Township

Anderson Cemetery
Cedar Grove Cemetery
Connor Cemetery
Dulaney Cemetery I
Dulaney Cemetery II
Dulaney Cemetery III
Fox Cemetery
Headlee Cemetery I
Headlee Cemetery II
Headlee Cemetery III
King Cemetery
Lemley Cemetery I
Lemley Cemetery II
Lemley Cemetery IV
Long Cemetery I
Long Cemetery II
McClure Cemetery
McLaughlin Cemetery
Mt. Morris M. E. Cemetery
Moore Cemetery
Myers Cemetery
Oakes Cemetery
Renner Cemetery
Troy Cemetery
Valley Chapel Cemetery
Wade Cemetery
Wright Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Richhill Township

Ackley Cemetery
Allum Cemetery
Braddock Cemetery I
Braddock Cemetery II
Bryan Cemetery
Chess Cemetery
Cooper Cemetery
Crow Cemetery
Dreamer Cemetery
Durbin Cemetery
Enon Cemetery
Estel Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery
Fonner Cemetery
Gillispie Cemetery
Gray Cemetery
Griffith Cemetery
Grim Cemetery
Hughes Cemetery
Hull Cemetery
Jacksonville Cemetery
Jones Cemetery (See Enon Cemetery)
Knox Cemetery
Lazear Cemetery
Lazear Cemetery II
Mason Cemetery
Murdy Cemetery
McCosh Cemetery
Ross Cemetery
Scott Cemetery
Sollars Cemetery
Staggers Cemetery
Supler Cemetery (See Enon Cemetery)
Teagarden Cemetery
Union Valley Cemetery
Wright Cemetery
Young Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Springhill Township

Ayers Cemetery
Barger Cemetery
Bryner Cemetery
Deep Valley Cemetery
Hutchinson Cemetery
McNicholas Cemetery
Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Pleasant Hill M. P. Church Cemetery
Riggs Cemetery I
Riggs Cemetery II
Sand Hill Cemetery
Sellers Cemetery
Thomas Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Washington Township

Bates Fork Cemetery (New)
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery
Cowen Cemetery
Huffman Cemetery
Johnson Cemetery
Lone Oak Cemetery
Pettit Cemetery
Russell Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Wayne Township

Bethel Cemetery
Blacksville Cemetery (New)
Blacksville Cemetery (Old)
Brant Cemetery
Brock Cemetery
Dye Cemetery
Eddy Cemetery
Eichelberger Cemetery
Freeland Cemetery
Geho Cemetery
Henkins Cemetery
King-Hoy Cemetery
Kughn Cemetery
Lantz Cemetery
Lemley Cemetery III
Longstreth Cemetery
Meighen Cemetery
Moore Cemetery
Owens Cemetery
Phillips Cemetery I
Phillips Cemetery II
Pursley Baptist Church Cemetery
Shriver-Shultz Cemetery
Spragg Cemetery I
Spragg Cemetery II
Stewart Cemetery
Strosnider Cemetery
Tustin Cemetery
Wells Cemetery
Worley Cemetery

Pennsylvania - Greene County - Whiteley Township

Bradford Cemetery
Claughton Chapel Cemetery (New)
Claughton Chapel Cemetery (Old)
Cowell Cemetery I
Cowell Cemetery II
Fairall Cemetery
Grove Cemetery
Guthrie Cemetery
Hamilton Cemetery
Hickman Cemetery
Kirby M. E. Cemetery
Kirby Old Ironsides Cemetery
Lantz Cemetery
Lemley Cemetery IV
Mooney Cemetery
Morris Cemetery
Mt. Pleasant M. P. Cemetery
Patterson Cemetery
Rose Cemetery
Shriver Cemetery I
Shriver Cemetery II
Shull Cemetery
Stephens Cemetery
Strosnider Cemetery
Temple Cemetery
White Cemetery
Whiteley Cemetery
Wisecarver Cemetery

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  1. I am looking for a Gump Family cemetery that is supposed to be in Newtown, Greene Co.,PA. There are quite a few Gumps buried there.. If you know of anything I would appreciate hearing about it.. thank you!