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For every archival collection shared with the Greene Connections: Greene County, Pennsylvania Archives Project, a basic genealogy search is conducted. The Family Tree portion of the Greene Connections web site is devoted to sharing and expanding upon that research. This section also enables visitors to search for Greene Connections family photographs and documents in the context of the family tree.

Please note that this tree is NOT complete. Research is done in combination with archival collections and will be expanded upon as each collection is added.

Get Involved

We have decided to share and incorporate Greene Connections research into the FREE, collaborative FamilySearch Family Tree project. We encourage you to create a free account via the link above to explore the tree and participate by adding your own research.

Please visit the FamilySearch Help Center to learn more about how to fully understand and utilize the opportunity.

Memories Section

The Greene Connections submissions will appear most frequently in the Memories section of ancestor profile pages. In this area, photos, documents, stories and audio recordings may be shared. We will be posting the archive project Photographs and Documents in their appropriate categories, as well as transcripts of records in the Stories section. These posts will include the same complete archival captions and documentation seen on Flickr. The search engine and index in the Archival Photographs section and the listing in the Archival Documents section of the Greene Connections web site will include links to the Family Tree Memories as they are added.

Why FamilySearch Family Tree?

The decision to move our tree to FamilySearch Family Tree was made after discussion with our volunteers, input from contributors sharing archival photos / documents, and feedback from researchers. Overall visitors to the site have asked for an easier way to find archival records in family context, which a tree-oriented search will allow. They have also requested the opportunity to contribute and become involved, which the collaborative FamilySearch Family Tree permits. Everyone wanted something affordable. A free opportunity is hard to beat. Finally, we wanted to find a platform that will endure. Because FamilySearch Family Tree is maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, an entity sincerely committed to the preservation of family history and doing so much to make records available freely to researchers, we believe this is a lasting opportunity.

How You Can Help to Improve Content

Concerns have been noted about the fact that a collaborative tree such as this is susceptible to errors regarding data entry, merges, duplicates, etc. incorrectly submitted by any user. Likewise strong data already entered into a profile can be edited to show incorrect data in this way. Generally the errors we see, occur when (1) genealogists misinterpret same-name ancestors and blend incorrect families or (2) when researchers rely on derivative works that do not identify sources.

In order to make the most of the FamilySearch Family Tree opportunity we must work together to build strong, well-documented ancestor profiles that are less vulnerable to this type of confusion. As we all orient ourselves to the FamilySearch FamilyTree, we need to get to know and use their fields for adding sources, linking records, discussing conflicting evidence with each other, and so on.

We hope that by adding the thoroughly cited archival documents and photographs from the Greene Connections: Greene County, Pennsylvania Archives Project to the Memories section of the Family Tree, we will be able to aid in this process. It will take a community genealogy effort; however, to work together to fill in the many additional records and details that will truly build up these profiles.

We welcome your questions, comments, and feedback on our participation in this project. Send email to For assistance with Family Tree itself, please visit the FamilySearch Help Center.


  1. I was just checking things out on your tree at MyHeritage. I am a descendant of Wise, Cumberledge, Henderson, Grim/Grimm, Morris, Adams, Wilson, Grandon, Gary/Geary families just to name a few, all here in Greene County for centuries. Have info to add. Alice Sarapa

    1. Have you seen any information about a Margaret Wise (born ca 1790) who married a Frederick Bush? Lived in Jefferson or Morgan townships, Greene County?

  2. Good Morning, I have found your family tree on Ancestry and also your FAG memorials that you have done in conjunction with your research. I do appreciate it. I have done extensive research on my family in Greene County. I am descended from Anthony Thomas Smith, who is one of the original Pioneers of Greene County. Through him, I am related to all sorts of families in Greene County: McGlumphy, Burdg/Burdge/Burge, Cook, Livingood, Buchanan, Grandon, Grant, and the list continues. I have over 2000 listings in a virtual FAG cemetery for my Smith relations. I am more then happy to provide my research findings. I have traced Anthony Thomas back to early Long Island and through his mother, Mary Allen Smith, I have traced her family back to the Plymouth Colony. Her great uncle, John Howland, was a Mayflower Pilgrim. My daughter actually did a report for her 3rd grade class last Thanksgiving on how our family has been in the Americas for almost 400 years and that her 10th great grand uncle was present at the original Thanksgiving feast. I believe that you and I are cousins because it appears we are descended from the same man. Brent Smith