How to Cite Greene Connections Photos

Greene Connections is an entirely FREE community-sharing project focused on the digitization and preservation of original photographs and documents for public access. Images and resources may be searched, viewed, and downloaded for FREE at www.GreeneConnections.comWhen using these images, please return the favor by providing a link-back and/or source-citation credit to the project and to those repositories and families who have kindly made their archives available at no charge.

link-back is simply copying/pasting the web address to the photo where you viewed it in our archive so that others who see the photo on your Facebook page, blog, or other project, may click and view the full caption, details, and project context too, if they wish to do so.

source-credit citation is generally a more formal footnote, but if you have limited space you may simplify. We post every photograph with complete caption and citation information. Here is an example of how to pull from that full information to create a basic source note that provides enough detail to help any reader find their way back to the archived photograph you visited.
  • Citation formula: Item # [item number], [Collection name], Greene County, Pennsylvania Archives Project (
  • Example citation: Item # GCHS-AN031-0002-0014, Greene County Historical Society Collection, Greene County, Pennsylvania Archives Project (
If this note is too long for the space your project allows, a line such as "Greene County Historical Society Collection," will also work.

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