How to Share Your Photographs

Greene Connections is a free, volunteer project that has been successful because of the participation of so many researchers and families.

***In respect to copyright and privacy issues, please only submit photos that were taken before 1930.

***You MUST own the original photo or have permission from the owner of the original in order to share.

To set-up a FREE scanning session or to ask questions about scanning your own photos contact Candice Buchanan: or 724-998-0650.

If you are going to scan photos, please follow these steps:

(1) Photographs in an album or other layout in which they are particularly arranged, should be submitted in original order. Context clues will otherwise be lost.
(2) Scan all photos in a full color setting, not in grayscale or black and white.
(3) Scan all photos at the highest quality setting, ideally at least 600 dpi (if necessary you can use 300 dpi, but please no smaller).
(4) Writing or photographer stamps on the back of the photos should be scanned as well so that your photo can be correctly documented.
(5) Save each photo as a tiff file (or if desired, a jpg file at the highest quality setting, ideally 100%).
(6) Do not alter the size or allow your email to shrink the photo when sending.

***With any photo submissions please provide your full contact information so that you can be given appropriate credit and be contacted for any further information needed. Please provide any known information about how the photo(s) were passed down to or came to be in the possession of the current owner.

***Please understand that photos not meeting these requirements may not be able to be used in the Greene County, Pennsylvania Archives Project.

***Due to volunteer time, it may not be possible to post every photo that is submitted.

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